Mysterious Cities of Gold – Ep 3×19

In this modern reboot season of the classic 80’s cartoon the good guys get the drop on the villain Zares and his hench-woman for hire Laguerra.  They end up binding and gagging her and her boss and we get plenty of shots of her full treatment! A real top notch scene with some great expressions […]

Dawn of the Croods – Ep 2×12

Gran tricks the residents of the valley into thinking she can control the weather. When her daughter Ugga tries to spill the beans on her giant prank she has them silence her with spider webs and stuff her into a log so she can’t let them in on her secret. DOWNLOAD – Dawn of the Croods […]

Scary Larry – Ep 16

A con-artist posing a relaxation Guru has the gang doing the strangest things to channel their chakras, but it’s all just a distraction so he can make a get away with the all the band’s possessions! Luckily Vic (the vampire) over hears his plan, but as she tries to record it she gets caught. Tied […]

Dork Hunters from Outer Space – Ep 24

Angie the teams resident valley girl is lured into a trap by the villains with a pair of jeans that entangle the wearer in weird pink tentacles. Angie is wrapped up tight and stuffed in a closet for her brother to find later. They are then both wrapped up as a result of the failed […]

Egyxos – Ep 09

The bad guys decide to hit the main hero of this show by kidnapping his girlfriend. Bad news for them is they nab the wrong girl, the stuck up popular girl Astrid instead. She is gagged and re-gagged several times as she struggles in the villains thrown room. DOWNLOAD –  Egyxos – 09

Roli and the Elf: Quest for the Heart

In this beautifully animated 2D Russian feature an adventurous elf girl names Tiina is on a quest so stop a growing darkness that’s taking over the forest. After meeting the main character his fellow trolls capture her thinking she’s a goblin in disguise. They tie her up and gag her and hold a trial planning […]

War of the Jurassic Period – Episode 15

In this European Cartoon a cute cave girl and her friends are running around trying to find magic mcguffins to end the war between all the dinosaur species. Well a mad man intends on using this same power to seize control of all of them. In this ep Niu is captured while obtaining an orb […]

Ugly Americans – The Dork Knight

In this cartoon full of parody spoofs, social worker Mark Lilly is transfused with Bat DNA becoming the crime fighter Bat Person. His reign of terror on the criminal underworld leads to his demon girlfriend Callie to get abducted by a gang of Cat People. Lots of great shots of Callie struggling. DOWNLOAD – Ugly Americans […]

Speed Racer: The Next Generation – The Hunt for Truth, Part 2

Lucy a cute girl mechanic and best friend of Speed Racer is kidnapped by an evil Texan who wants Speed to throw the race against his racer. However Speed and his opponent both team up to chase down the Texan and his hostage who spends a lot of her time moaning and struggling in his […]

Sally Bollywood – Trouble at the Museum

Sally and her friend Doowee get hired into taking a case at a museum for a schoolmate. But it turns out it was all a trap as her uncle plans to use Sally as incintive to keep her father from interfereing in his museum heist. They are bound and gagged in tape and video’d on […]

Spirou and Fantasio – Spirou and Fantasia

In this cartoon based off a popular European comic Spirou and Fantasio stumble across a member of a league of female assassins by accident. Once they discover her weapons in her car trunk they bind and gag her so that Fantasio can take her place in drag. She’s later taken away by Spirou to be […]

The Invisible Man – Black Light

Linda and Mary get caught up in a plot by the villains to harness the power of an up coming eclipse. They end up getting kidnapped in the back of a van and later show up blindfolded and tape gagged to make sure the Invisible Man doesn’t spoil the villain’s plot. A great doublt DiD! […]

MetaJets – Escape From the Outback

A mobile medical base is taken over by a penal colony they are giving medical assistance to. The head doctors of the clinic along with a female nurse and security guard are displayed as hostages. But bad news for them as a member of the MetaJets team is the doctors’ son! So its MetaJets to […]

Super Duper Sumos – The Girth of Cool

Prima, the Sumo’s young sidekick finds out that one of them is being impersonated by a robot. So the robot ties her up tight and keeps her quiet. She makes her way to her colleagues by bouncing her chair all the way to living room. But the idiots seem rather slow on the up-take. Lots […]

The Three Mages

In this French Produced animated adventure about the 3 Wise Men, Sarah a lovely girl with a rodent side-kick stumbles into the worst possible tent looking for some help. Turns out its a group of bandits suiting up for a big raid on a near-by town. They bind and gag the girl to take her […]

Loulou de Montmartre – Ep 25

In this other French produced toon Lou Lou the main protagonist finally finds her Mother Sofia and is reunited with her. Unfortunately for both of them the villains kidnap Sofia and bring her to a stable for safe keeping. She’d bound and gagged in a lovely red victorian dress. A lovely if-all-too-short scene. DOWNLOAD – Loulou […]

Venture Bros – Operation P.R.O.M.

In this season 4 finale epic we get Sgt Hatred’s wife bound and gagged by Monarch and his wife! Or has she? No turns out the little Indian has a massive bondage fetish and wants her hubby to be more sensitive to her “very strange needs” something Hatred is ready to oblige! DOWNLOAD – Venture Bros […]

Mission Odyssey – Ep 08

In this greek adventure type series a young girl named Nisa gets trussed up by te badguys to lure the other good guys into a trap! Some lovely mmphing and a fantastic OTM gag really make this a great scene. It also helps that she’s a red head. That always helps! DOWNLOAD – Mission Odyssey – […]

Batman: Brave and the Bold – The Mask of Matches Malone

Batman believes himself to be the ruthless crime boss Matches Malone and the Bird’s of Prey are out to turn him back into the Bat. After a failed attempt the girls find themselves trussed up and ready for being shark bait. Canary is tightly gagged to prevent her canary cry from helping out! BC’s first […]

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Red is framed for the theft of a rare diamond. After seeking help from Sherlock Holmes she’s intrusted to the care of his mouse and cat, Tom and Jerry. After running from the police she seeks aid from “a family friend” who suggested she go to Holmes. That “friend” however is Professor James Moriarty! DiD […]

Dot in Space

This Aussie toon about a girl who helps animals sends her off into space in this particular special where she is captrued by bubble people! They convict her of being square and imprison her! After her escape she is recaptured and left to be eaten by a ferocious alien monster! DOWNLOAD – Dot in Space

Wakfu – Reunion

Evangelyne the the Cra is pursued by an undead plant creature that is sapping the life of the forest. She holds up in a cabin on the plains to get a better view. But it does no good as she’s snatched up pretty handily and is about to have her life sucked out if not […]

Hero High – The Captives

Misty the magician girl gets kidnapped by a group of gangsters in order to get her Uncle the Police Commissioner to release their boss if they want to see her again. The crooks are fortunate to gag her as this actually neutralizes her magic powers of spoken word! A regular Zatanna! DOWNLOAD – Hero High – […]

The New Adventures of Ocean Girl – The Keeper of Time

Princess Neri is captured by a group of bird men that intend on sacrificing her for trespassing on their land. They bind and gag her with some strange seaweed like rope and dance around showing her the flames they intend to burn her with. Some nice close ups. DOWNLOAD – The New Adventures of Ocean Girl […]

Super Rhino – Bolt DVD Short

In this DVD Bonus Feature from the movie Bolt, Penny and Bolt are captured by Dr. Callico! Shackled and muzzled being lowered into a large lava pit as the mad scientist keeps watch! Luckily for our heroine Super Rhino (The Hampster) is on the way to save them! Great scene with a cute damsel. DOWNLOAD […]

GI Joe – Haul Down the Heavens

Dr. Entwistle is accompanying the Joes on a mission in the artic under direct order of the UN. She’s direct in her hatred of the military and constant thorn in the Joe’s side. But as it turns out the REAL Dr. Entwistle has been bound and gagged (for days seemingly) and replaced by the Baroness! […]

Fairytale Police Department – The Hair Raising Rapunzel Case

In this Aussie toon a pair of detectives solve crimes committed in Fairytale Land and get the Fairytales back on track. In this case Rapunzel is kidnapped by a villains hair formula mogul trying to reclaim his empire using Rapunzel’s formula. He then tries to dispose of her with a hair raising death trap. DOWNLOAD […]

The Adventures of Popeye – Popeye’s Double Trouble

The Sea Hag has a sinister plot to take Popeye to a dance… yeah I don’t get it either. But her plan does involve binding gagging and taking Olive’s place! That part I do care about. Olive gives some great looks and mmphs in this scene but pulls out her wits on her feathered guard. […]

Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber

Alyonushka a chronicler follows Ilya Muromets on his journey to track down the Nightengale the Robber and his stolen horse. Luckily for us this puts her quickly in the hands of bandits. Ilya is reluctant to trust the nosy reporter and threatens to leave her tied. She gets captured AGAIN later for a second scene! […]

Stunt Dawgs – Bad Day at Badwater

Sizzle gets captured by the Stunt Scabs after fumbling upon their water hijacking scheme. Robbing the town of all their water then selling there own at jacked up prices. Sizzle is then tied up and cleave gagged and stuffed in a well to be used as bait at the bottom of a well. One of […]