Kangetsu Ittou – OVA 01

This one is brought to you courtesy of ghostz as he found this lovely scene of a Japanese samurai officer being taken hostage by the shows villainess. She is hypnotized and transported to the hide out where other women are already being held. The Villainess teases with Kaori even playing with her breasts to wake her […]

Mugen Shinshi: Bōken Katsugeki Hen – OVA 1

A great anime scene of several girls being kidnapped by a crazy scientist/cultist who wants virgin sacrifices for an Aztec God. He ties them up and tape gags them before putting them into strange pods in an old aztec temple. It’s up to our hero to save them! A classic scene that surfaced a little […]

High School Kimengumi – EP 60

A rich girl get’s kidnapped by some ruffians and tied up and gagged in a warehouse while the criminals issue a ransom. The dog characters from the show follow and make for a rescue of the poor girl after fighting off the bad guys! DOWNLOAD – High School Kimengumi – 60

Blade of the Phantom Master

Captured by a corrupt warlord the lovely Chunhyung is chained and gagged in a dungeon with the intent to ware her down. He intends to have her become his body guard, and uses the death of her lover (and the man she once sore to guard) is killed in his quest to win back the […]

Ta-chan no Kaitei Ryokou – Ep 50

In this finale to the Tarzan based fighting Anime a young conservationist with a lioness sidekick is kidnapped! She is used as bait to lure Ta-chan into a treacherous trap! Some Great struggling! DOWNLOAD – Ta-chan no Kaitei Ryokou – Ep 50

Himitsu no Akko-chan – Ep 26

Akko takes on the guise of her school-mate Yuriko. It just so happens that a pair of crooks have planned on kidnapping her to extort money from her rich parents. What’s worse is the real Yuriko arrives home safely and thus hope of rescue seems very limited when they believe the crooks to be playing […]

Himitsu no Akko-chan – Ep 80

Akko gets transported to Feudal Japan where she gets targeted for some kind of sacrificial ritual. The village is to select a girl to be delivered to the top of the mountain when smoke billows from the top. The woman will be food for the Oni that lives there and leave the village alone. Poor […]

Anime Sanjushi – Ep 28

A classic DiD scene and one of my all time favorites Constance is kidnapped by Milady who props her up in a cabin with plenty of rope and pretty pink gag as bait for Dartanian. After he falls for the trap she reties the poor girl to a post and sets the cabin aflame! All […]

Dancing Blade OVA 02

An inn keeper feels the need ot keep Momo from roaming the halls. So she ties her up and tape gags her stuffing her in a linen closet! She spends the whole night and into the next night in there until finally one of the maids finds her and releases the poor girl from her […]

Karate Baka Ichidai Ep 25

Catherine gets kidnapped by a modster who wants to lure Ichidai into a confrontation. And what better way to do that that chair tie her and gag her like any good villain would do! Lots of good struggling and grunts from the lovely victim as the heroes barge in for the rescue. DOWNLOAD – Karate Baka […]

Michiko to Hatchin Ep 17

The Chinese Mafia capture Michiko as she was mistaken for someone trying to rip them off. She gets bound up and bit gagged and gets “roped” into a game of “luck” in order to save her and her friend’s life. She of course uses some pretty insane tenacity and overcomes the little game. DOWNLOAD – Michiko […]

Wovlerine – Ep 7-8

Hottie ninja girl Yukio gets kidnapped and held as bait for Logan. The villains hold her up in a room covered wall to wall in heavy foot thick steel and keep her wrapped up in chains. She gets away breifly only to be immediately recaptured and chained up even tighter and suspended till Logan makes […]

Wolf Guy Ep 4-5

We see a big business man get his home invaded by some militia types. They tie and gag his wife and daughter and end up whisking his daughter away as a hostage. Though they keep her untied for most of the trip they decide it best to re-tie her when they’re about to make a […]

The Erotic Adventures of Tom Thumb

A strange strange Hentai involving a few-inch-high boy getting it on with a bunch of girls. Well Liz, after having a big night with her pint-sized lover Liz gets kidnapped by some creeps wanting a ransom for her! I cut out all the porn stuffs and left in all the good DiD bits! Enjoy! DOWNLOAD […]

Udaudayatteru Himawa Nei – OVA 2

In this basic gang/fight anime two girls Kaori and Kimi are kidnapped by crazy gang members. They’re grabbed, tape gagged and tossed into the gang’s schnazzy Mercedes-Bez. At their hideout the leader tries some naughty behavior before a series of fights break out. All the while Kimi and Kaori are helpless! DOWNLOAD – Udaudayatteru Himawa Nei […]

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari OVA 11

Phillips girlfreind Anji is kidnapped by a bunch of ruffians and force Phillip to fight the shows protagonest. Some great looks of the girl tied up in their dark lair and all that. We even get a nice Over-the-shoulder carry before her eventual rescue and reuniting with her beloved Phillip! Yay, happy ending! DOWNLOAD – Isekai […]

Psychic Detective Yakumo Ep 01

In the premiere episode of Psychic Detective Yakumo our hero’s friend Haruka gets kidnapped by the crazy teacher turned killer. He ties her to a chair and cleave gags her tight with the intent of killing her off for snopping. But when he hears Yakumo coming he sets a trap causing some lovely mmphs from […]

Tears to Tiara – Ep 08 – 09

Octavia stumbles on a crate full of dead bodies and turns out its all some sinister plot by her superior officer. So of course he binds and gags her and stuffs her in a crate. Unfortunately for her she’s found by a most spiteful rival Lidia who can’t decide to leave her to her fate […]

Igano Kabamaru – Ep 22

In a lovely bit of cliche a rival school gang wants to beat up the hero of the anime Kabamaru. What’s the best way to get the guy to fight under your rules? Kidnap his love interest of course! I love how they whip that rope around her all fast! Also a really nice on […]

Fist of the North Star Eps 27-28

RAAAGH!! Big manly barbarian want break head of village leader!!! He take leader’s sister/girlfriend maybe (eww!) and hold as hostage!!! Then he take Kenshiro’s sorta girlfriend and make him fight village leader!!! Girl’s try to kill themselves to stop fight but he smart and stop them with gags!!! HAW HAW!!!!! DOWNLOAD – Fist of the North […]

Spaceship Sagittarius – Ep 55

Not 100% sure what’s going on but these two bird looking aliens are trying to find the professor so they try to kidnap his daughter. When that doesn’t work out they kidnap this lady Yumi who is suspected as being the girl’s mother. I love the lady’s suit in this scene. Feel free to correct […]

Valerian and Laureline – Ep 10

Laureline is sort of a galactic cop. She goes under cover at a hotel and refueling station to catch a criminal. Bad thing is the villainess gets the jump on her and trades outfits with her stashing her in a closet for her partner to find. Why the villain completely dressed her in her own […]

Hakuouki – Ep 01

Chizuru is taken captive by a group of samurai. As far as I can tell they’re afraid she may carry some kind of sickness that’s turning everyone into a bunch of angry zombie’s so they bind and gag her for the night. Also they think she’s a boy. Not the brightest bunch of heroes… Another […]

Crystal Blaze – Ep 10-11

Manami and Ayako are kidnapped by the bad guys in a exchange for the Bw-9. They spend a good ammount of time tied to chairs while the villains make the ransom demands. Well it turns out Manami just won’t shut the hell up so she gets a nice brown tape gag to keep her quiet […]

Mai Otome – OVA 1

The opening scene of this OVA shows a young school girl named Sifr who has been kidnapped by some flunkies and is train bound to her captor. Hands tied and tape gagged all seems lost until Bruce Blan de Windbloom II, who ends up carrying the girl bound the whole time. DOWNLOAD – Mai Otome – […]

Michiko to Hatchin – Ep 16

While storming a building looking for a lost lover, Michiko is overwealmed by a bunch of well armed guards and some knockout gas. When next we see her she is bound hand and foot and gagged! We get an extra treat as when she is ungagged she spits out a wad of cloth stuffed in […]

Death Note – Ep 15-16

Popstar Misa Amane as been secretly taken into custody by the Kira Investigation Team under suspicion of being the “Second Kira.” Using unorthodox tactics of deprivation ‘L’ keeps Misa bound for her entire captivity and gagged to keep her from biting her tougue as well. Some kinky police forces in Japan… DOWNLOAD – Death Note – […]

One Piece – Ep 393-394

Caimie a happy little mermaid is kidnapped by a thug dressed in a big bear costume! She’s taken to a “Human Shop” where they intend to sell her in an auction as a “specialty item” being a mermaid. Lots’d of struggling and close-ups of her tape gagged face. DOWNLOAD – One Piece – Ep 393-394

Reporter Blues – Ep 08

A fancy party, a beautiful woman, and a priceless necklace. A power keg of DiD waitng to explode. The ol’ switcheroo is in play as Madam Lapen has targeted the necklace for her next caper, and so the poor lady wearing it ends up in peril. Of course so does her double, much to Madam […]

Nijuu Mensou no Mesume – Ep 17-18

Chiko’s best friend, Koito, is used as incintive by a mad scientist to get her to reveal the secret of her mentor, Twenty Faces. The secret having to do with achieving the 4th state of water. But whatever! The real deal is Koito being strung up on a crane and cleave gagged through the course […]