Special Features

Lois Lane
So many interpretations of this classic hero and all of them have lots of Damsels for him to rescue. Enjoy the hispanic flavor of the Zorro Special Feature!

Lois Lane
After out last feature of all those other reporters we get to the queen of reporter DiD the one and only, girlfriend, lover, and wife of the man of steel himself, LOIS LANE. Enjoy this chronicled feature of all he animated DiD scenes from old times!

Snooping reporters! Redheaded snooping reporters! I think you’ll all be surprised just how many damsels this category applies to! Check out these fire haired beauties!

The new feature is all the goodies from the Anime City Hunter! My lord lots and lots of DiD from this show especially from the main girl Kaori! Enjoy

The very first Special Feature here at Trifecta! And a fun one at that! The DiD scenes from The Centurions. These scenes include the 2 popular gag scenes, other non-gag scenes, as well as a new gag scene that I haven’t seen featured anywhere else before!