Hey, it’s Suicide! Here is my collection of DiD videos. I found captured and edit these videos for the veiwing pleasure of Damsel in Distress lovers everywhere. There are some vids here that you will find NO WHERE else online. I guarantee it. So please, sit back and enjoy these animated ladies as they are placed in Cartoon Distress!

(Note: Codecs may be needed for playing some videos. Here is a link that includes most all codecs that are needed for view vids: Codeces All-in-One also try out ffdshow, as I’ve been trying that out for some good condencing. Please no emails about this. Thanks!)

Latest Cartoon Scene

We Bare Bears Ep 3×23

Yana, a barista from a previous episode is kidnapped by the son of a Tech CEO so he can get his hands on Ice Bear’s Super-Modded Roomba. Ice Bear heads to the tech company seeing Yana tied to a chair and gagged to keep her from warning him of the trap that’s been set. She’s […]


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Latest Anime Scene

Miracle Psychicer Seizan OVA 04

In the fourth OVA of this sci-fi post-apocalypse style anime the main girl, Mayumi, gets kidnapped by a group of mutants in some old city ruins. She spends her time, bound hand and foot and her mouth gagged with a big cloth. She spends a little time struggling in her bonds before the hero tracks […]


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Latest Special Feature


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