Hey, it’s Suicide! Here is my collection of DiD videos. I found captured and edit these videos for the veiwing pleasure of Damsel in Distress lovers everywhere. There are some vids here that you will find NO WHERE else online. I guarantee it. So please, sit back and enjoy these animated ladies as they are placed in Cartoon Distress!

(Note: Codecs may be needed for playing some videos. Here is a link that includes most all codecs that are needed for view vids: Codeces All-in-One also try out ffdshow, as I’ve been trying that out for some good condencing. Please no emails about this. Thanks!)

Latest Cartoon Scene

Dawn of the Croods – Ep 2×12

Gran tricks the residents of the valley into thinking she can control the weather. When her daughter Ugga tries to spill the beans on her giant prank she has them silence her with spider webs and stuff her into a log so she can’t let them in on her secret. DOWNLOAD – Dawn of the Croods […]


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Latest Anime Scene

Kangetsu Ittou – OVA 01

This one is brought to you courtesy of ghostz as he found this lovely scene of a Japanese samurai officer being taken hostage by the shows villainess. She is hypnotized and transported to the hide out where other women are already being held. The Villainess teases with Kaori even playing with her breasts to wake her […]


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Latest Special Feature


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