Green Arrow (2016) #4-5

Dinah is on a mission to find out who killed Oliver Queen by stowing away on a ship. Sadly she’s discovered and attacked, knocked out by a tranq-arrow after being told Ollie is alive. But she’ll be used as bait. She’s later scene bound and gagged and under the threat of being burned by lye and chemicals unless Oliver surrenders to them. In issue 5 Dinah is kept gagged and strapped to an up-right table and threatened with torture until an unlikely ally in her very captor sets her free.

“She’s gagged right now but your pretty bird will never sing again if you don’t return the laptop.” – Emiko

Issue #04

Issue #05

Kangetsu Ittou – OVA 01

This one is brought to you courtesy of ghostz as he found this lovely scene of a Japanese samurai officer being taken hostage by the shows villainess. She is hypnotized and transported to the hide out where other women are already being held. The Villainess teases with Kaori even playing with her breasts to wake her up.

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Scary Larry – Ep 16

A con-artist posing a relaxation Guru has the gang doing the strangest things to channel their chakras, but it’s all just a distraction so he can make a get away with the all the band’s possessions! Luckily Vic (the vampire) over hears his plan, but as she tries to record it she gets caught. Tied up gagged and tucked away in the basement she bangs on the drum set to alert her friend Cleo of her plight.

DOWNLOAD – Scary Larry – Ep 16

Mugen Shinshi: Bōken Katsugeki Hen – OVA 1

A great anime scene of several girls being kidnapped by a crazy scientist/cultist who wants virgin sacrifices for an Aztec God. He ties them up and tape gags them before putting them into strange pods in an old aztec temple. It’s up to our hero to save them! A classic scene that surfaced a little while ago with better high quality leaks.

DOWNLOAD – Mugen Shinshi: Bōken Katsugeki Hen – OVA 1

Dork Hunters from Outer Space – Ep 24

Angie the teams resident valley girl is lured into a trap by the villains with a pair of jeans that entangle the wearer in weird pink tentacles. Angie is wrapped up tight and stuffed in a closet for her brother to find later. They are then both wrapped up as a result of the failed rescue. Some good gag talk as she tries to warn her brother in the closet.

DOWNLOAD – Dork Hunters from Outer Space – Ep 24

Elixirs 03

In this medieval  adventure story the main female lead poses as a princess that has been targeted for a kidnapping. She gets nabbed by the villains goons, roped up and OTM gagged and dragged up to a rooftop where the villain awaits on a dragon! She works off her wig and almost falls off the saddle but the dragon gets a hold of her braid and drags her off through the sky.

Catwoman #50

In the following events to Identity Crisis it was learned that Zatanna used her magic powers to change Selina Kyles’ personality in order to sway her to the side of good. Zatanna is remorseful for whiping villains minds along with Batman’s in one case. She tell Catwoman what she did and Selina reacts by taping her mouth shut and taking her out fast and hard. Zatanna stops her before it goes too far but is still remorseful and lets the attack go knowing full well how mad she felt.

“I know what a VILLAIN would do…” – Catwoman

Egyxos – Ep 09

The bad guys decide to hit the main hero of this show by kidnapping his girlfriend. Bad news for them is they nab the wrong girl, the stuck up popular girl Astrid instead. She is gagged and re-gagged several times as she struggles in the villains thrown room.

DOWNLOAD –  Egyxos – 09