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UPDATE – 08/06/2017

Mysticons Episode 01

So this new online adventure series debuted and stars 4 girls chosen to be magical champions of a metropolis style city. It’s sort of has a modern day setting but if it were inhabited by DnD races like dwarfs, elves and fairies. Zaria and her friend Piper get snagged by a sorceress who briefly gags Zaria with her shadow magic. They later end up in the same predicament when they deliver the item they were forced to steal.

UPDATE – 04/20/2017

In Planet Terry #12 The Hood takes Terry’s mother hostage in exchange for the crews ship. She spends a few pages bound and gagged and at gun point as she’s taken aboard the ship to keep Terry from following him. Thanks to patrickxtrem for the scene!

UPDATE – 02/05/2017 – New Year!

In this modern reboot season of the classic 80’s cartoon the good guys get the drop on the villain Zares and his hench-woman for hire Laguerra.  They end up binding and gagging her and her boss and we get plenty of shots of her full treatment! A real top notch scene with some great expressions from the animators.

DOWNLOAD – Mysterious Cities of Gold – Ep 3×19


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Princess Jasmine

Getting Comfy A disney princess in a nice comfy bed. Certainly nothing sinister here. Other than the fact that she’s bound and gagged by an evil sorcerer! Here is the long delayed Princess Jasmine Donation Art that one a poll from about 3 years ago! Thanks and enjoy! Thank you for your support! A $2.00 or more Donation […]


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Tv Comic #797-798

In this comic adaptation of the British TV classic Adam Adamant the niece of Lord Percy, Eve, gets kidnapped by some ruffians hired by Lord Percy himself to steal Eve’s fortune. She is tied up and cleave gagged and taken down into a dungeon to hide her away while the villains continue with their plans […]


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Miracle Psychicer Seizan OVA 04

In the fourth OVA of this sci-fi post-apocalypse style anime the main girl, Mayumi, gets kidnapped by a group of mutants in some old city ruins. She spends her time, bound hand and foot and her mouth gagged with a big cloth. She spends a little time struggling in her bonds before the hero tracks […]


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