Welcome to the Floods page! This is where large collections of specific comic DiD scenes are archived. Each flood gallery is catagorized by the specific Damsel/Heroine. Since many gals have lots and lots of scenes this sort of serves as a guide/database for all of their scenes! Click on the links below to view the ladie’s flood!

The Black Canary
This featuring flood of comic scenes comes from my absolute favorite comic book character ever! Dinah Lance, more commonly known to fans as The Black Canary! Everyone knows Dinah can kick as much ass as Batman himself… but she also landed in a lot of trouble over her career! And thanks to that lovely Canary Cry the Villains had to be handy at silencing her on a regular basis! So every body scan through and enjoy a flurry of DiD scenes in this… BLACK CANARY FLOOD!

The Invisible Woman
Susan Richards! The lovely mother figure of the fabulous superhero team The Fantastic Four. Sue has gone through many changes being the only girl of the First Family of comics! And she’s also been ina lot of peril situations! Situations that I intend to share with you all right here and now! This is… THE INVISIBLE WOMAN FLOOD!

Another fishnet clad hottie with a prolonged weakness to gags? Hell yeah! Zatanna, mistress of magic has the power to warp reality and change objects and make objects appear and disappear, change shape, fly teleport, just about anything really. But she has to be able to say it! Backwards! And our heroine can do such things when… she can’t speak! So I give you all… THE ZATANNA FLOOD!

Lois Lane
And of course the Flood section wouldn’t be complete without Lois Lane! The plucky reporter that gets into trouble more than pretty much any other comic book character in existance. Luckily for her Superman is always on hand to get her out of it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the good parts. Enjoy the DiD legend herself in the LOIS LANE FLOOD!