The latest scenes added to Trifecta and if we’re all lucky a scene worthy of archiving from recent comic issues in this wonderful media!

Latest Comic Scene

Wolfcop #1

From the first issue of this horror action comic Wolfcop has two damsels tied gagged and being kidnapped by a biker gang. They’re bound hands in front and cleave gagged as the chase scene ensues before they’re released. Thanks to patrickxtrem for this scene!


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Latest European Comic Scene

Elixirs 03

In this medieval  adventure story the main female lead poses as a princess that has been targeted for a kidnapping. She gets nabbed by the villains goons, roped up and OTM gagged and dragged up to a rooftop where the villain awaits on a dragon! She works off her wig and almost falls off the […]


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Latest Flood Scene

Green Arrow (2016) #4-5

Dinah is on a mission to find out who killed Oliver Queen by stowing away on a ship. Sadly she’s discovered and attacked, knocked out by a tranq-arrow after being told Ollie is alive. But she’ll be used as bait. She’s later scene bound and gagged and under the threat of being burned by lye […]


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