We Bare Bears Ep 3×23

Yana, a barista from a previous episode is kidnapped by the son of a Tech CEO so he can get his hands on Ice Bear’s Super-Modded Roomba. Ice Bear heads to the tech company seeing Yana tied to a chair and gagged to keep her from warning him of the trap that’s been set. She’s […]

Mysticons – Ep 01

So this new Nickelodeon adventure series debuted and stars 4 girls chosen to be magical champions of a metropolis style city. It’s sort of has a modern day setting but if it were inhabited by DnD races like dwarfs, elves and fairies. Zaria and her friend Piper get snagged by a sorceress who briefly gags […]

Mysterious Cities of Gold – Ep 3×19

In this modern reboot season of the classic 80’s cartoon the good guys get the drop on the villain Zares and his hench-woman for hire Laguerra.  They end up binding and gagging her and her boss and we get plenty of shots of her full treatment! A real top notch scene with some great expressions […]

Superhero Girls – Hero of the Year Special

In this DC Super Hero Girls special Eclipso reigns darkness over the school and traps Wonder Woman and Supergirl in some shadowy tendrils. Supergirl destroys her staff with her heat vision. But after confronting her on the moon gets wrapped up again. She is then saved by Wonder Woman shortly after.

Dawn of the Croods – Ep 2×12

Gran tricks the residents of the valley into thinking she can control the weather. When her daughter Ugga tries to spill the beans on her giant prank she has them silence her with spider webs and stuff her into a log so she can’t let them in on her secret. DOWNLOAD – Dawn of the Croods […]

Scary Larry – Ep 16

A con-artist posing a relaxation Guru has the gang doing the strangest things to channel their chakras, but it’s all just a distraction so he can make a get away with the all the band’s possessions! Luckily Vic (the vampire) over hears his plan, but as she tries to record it she gets caught. Tied […]

Dork Hunters from Outer Space – Ep 24

Angie the teams resident valley girl is lured into a trap by the villains with a pair of jeans that entangle the wearer in weird pink tentacles. Angie is wrapped up tight and stuffed in a closet for her brother to find later. They are then both wrapped up as a result of the failed […]

Egyxos – Ep 09

The bad guys decide to hit the main hero of this show by kidnapping his girlfriend. Bad news for them is they nab the wrong girl, the stuck up popular girl Astrid instead. She is gagged and re-gagged several times as she struggles in the villains thrown room. DOWNLOAD –  Egyxos – 09

Roli and the Elf: Quest for the Heart

In this beautifully animated 2D Russian feature an adventurous elf girl names Tiina is on a quest so stop a growing darkness that’s taking over the forest. After meeting the main character his fellow trolls capture her thinking she’s a goblin in disguise. They tie her up and gag her and hold a trial planning […]

War of the Jurassic Period – Episode 15

In this European Cartoon a cute cave girl and her friends are running around trying to find magic mcguffins to end the war between all the dinosaur species. Well a mad man intends on using this same power to seize control of all of them. In this ep Niu is captured while obtaining an orb […]