Todd and the Book of Evil: The End of the End

In this animated movie based on an adult TV comedy set in High School Todd and his friends fight the Book of Pure Evil and the minions it creates out of the students. In this case a kid named Elliot is given Satanic Sweater Vest powers and ties up the whole gang. Luckily the two […]

Egyxos – Ep 09

The bad guys decide to hit the main hero of this show by kidnapping his girlfriend. Bad news for them is they nab the wrong girl, the stuck up popular girl Astrid instead. She is gagged and re-gagged several times as she struggles in the villains thrown room. DOWNLOAD –  Egyxos – 09

Twins of Danger – Land of Danger

In this show about a British born and Asian born brother and sister who are twins (I don’t get it either) Julie gets kidnapped by an Arab white slaver! He has every intention of selling her to a sultan for poor Julie to be part of his harem! And the poor girl can’t prevent it […]