Blade Kitten

In Chapter 16 of the Sci Fi action/adventure comic, Blade Kitten, we get a flash back of three years before the current storyline. Kit Ballard the main heroine of the book finds herself a prisoner of the villainess Alamo! She’s got our heroine wrapped up pretty good with yellow tape a sack and even a […]


In this parody of Wonder Woman, Wonderella fights for good and justice and… well okay she’s kind of an amoral lazy ass with little to no interest in the superhero biz. And of course theres plenty of parody over Wonder Woman’s many bondage misadventures! So wooot! Enter the Dragon Slayer Bound for Vengence The Price […]


The New Super Heroine on Campus (literally) Spinnerette is brought on board to a super hero team by Mecha Maid and Tiger. However a spider powered villainess doesn’t like some do-gooder stealing her thunder. So she invades the groups base and manages to wrap Mech Maid up nice and tight in her webbing. Lucky for […]

Flaky Pastry

A comic about three crazy fantasy character roommates in a mondern day society. The setting is sort of what the modern day would be like if elves and demons never went away. Or… you know… were real. This comic is not shy to DiD in its fairly short run luckily and I’ve taken the liberty […]

No Need for Bushido

Ina the daughter of the Shenshin clan leader is kidnapped by Ryoku a blind samurai ordered to kill Yorikiro Wataro. Believing the two to be romantically linked he wisks her away and holds her hostage in a shrine hut deep in the woods. Binding her hands in front but it seems Ina is too lazy […]

Kill Harry

A Kill Bill parody? A Harry Potter Parody? Try both! Hermione Granger has been betrayed by her childhood freind Harry and she has to go through his minions to get to him! Though this webcomic was never finished it did bring us to a part in Kill Bill 2 and kicked it up a notch […]


Scary-Go-Round is a tongue and cheek web comic about strange and supernatural happenings focused around a group of friends! Those friends end up getting tied up from time to time do to the strange happenings. Much to our delight this brings us these scenes! Please enjoy them… catagorized by character! Fallon GorillaMan Kidnapping – 01  […]

Lang Lang

A cute little web comic about a set of Triplets who were seperated at birth and reunited by amazing and sometimes tragic circumstances! But in this arch the main characters are placed into the story of Peter Pan! Only this time the DiD sequences are even better! Little Mandy playing Tiger Lily gets k-napped just […]

RPG World

This comic is a parody comic on the hilarious nature that is the RPG. Starring Hero and Cherr and their freinds they go on crazy RPG type adventures! But thats not who we’re focusing on today! Detestai, a semi-evil cat girl with a split personality gets captured after snooping around the main villains’ fortress. She […]

Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden

From a fan made manga about the adventures of everyones favorite Ninja Mutant FORMER teenagers. In this adventure Shadow Jones is living up to her mother’s reputation of being kidnapped by foot soldiers! That’s right the cute daughter of April and Casey Jones, along with her best friend Divianna get captured to lure Mikey in […]