Tv Comic #797-798

In this comic adaptation of the British TV classic Adam Adamant the niece of Lord Percy, Eve, gets kidnapped by some ruffians hired by Lord Percy himself to steal Eve’s fortune. She is tied up and cleave gagged and taken down into a dungeon to hide her away while the villains continue with their plans […]

Elixirs 03

In this medieval ¬†adventure story the main female lead poses as a princess that has been targeted for a kidnapping. She gets nabbed by the villains goons, roped up and OTM gagged and dragged up to a rooftop where the villain awaits on a dragon! She works off her wig and almost falls off the […]

Franka #22

Franka a lady detective is kidnapped by an old villainess she once crossed. Her and her friend are put into sacks and Fran is whisked away. She wakes up handcuffed and tape gagged still in the sack and being taken to an unknown location. The villains dump her out intending to dispose of her in […]

Dag and Heidi #09

In this brother/sister adventure series Dag and Heidi come across a girl who apparently has psychic visions of the future. However she is disturbed by a certain vision of being kidnapped by two men. Sure enough as if on cue the men show up and kidnap the hapless girl after rendering Dag and Heidi unconscious. […]

Bergese #02

In this European Comic titled Bergese that seems to center around some pilots, a pair of criminals hi-jacks the hero’s plane and takes his daughter (who was riding with them) captive. Binding and gagging her at gunpoint they threaten the pilot to fly to their destination for a getaway. Once they land they KO the […]

Magika #04

This European comic is jsut WEIRD. We have two hottie leather wearing goth chicks fighting against a league of mutant fetish loving Nazi’s in the sewers. Our heroines get nabbed pretty easily and are brought to their leader who decides to have them tortured to death and to have their “session” recorded for entertainment. We […]