Hawkeye (2016) #01-04

Kate Bishop opens up a private eye business and her first customer is a college girl named Mikka. She’s being stalked by someone and when Hawkeye thinks she’s got it all figured out Mikka is abducted in a van. After some detective work Kate tacks down the cult and finds Mikka bound and gagged in […]

Planet Terry #12

In Planet Terry #12 The Hood takes Terry’s mother hostage in exchange for the crews ship. She spends a few pages bound and gagged and at gun point as she’s taken aboard the ship to keep Terry from following him. Thanks to patrickxtrem for the scene!

Wolfcop #1

From the first issue of this horror action comic Wolfcop has two damsels tied gagged and being kidnapped by a biker gang. They’re bound hands in front and cleave gagged as the chase scene ensues before they’re released. Thanks to patrickxtrem for this scene!

Adventure Comics 154

In this little entry in the Adventures of Superboy a young Aquashow girl names Lea Holiday stumbles onto a couple of bank robbers that used torpedoes and diving suits for their heist get-a-ways. Lea finds their hideout but is caught snooping and sent on her final boat ride! Luckily Superboy is there to save the […]

Batman #241

Batman must find where spymaster Colonel Sulphur is hiding a government employee’s kidnapped wife before he can kill her in vengeance for not being given important documents. A lovely damsel named Mary MacGuffin is the wife in question and she spends the majority of her time being poked and prodded by her evil knife weilding […]

All Flash Comics #31

In a meddly issue from the Golden Age of comics we get a classic DiD scene as a killer mobster kidnaps the Flash’s main squeeze Joan and her freind Susie as he finds them snooping around his operations! After taking care of our hero he plans to burn the girls alive in a teepee to […]

Fun-In Comics #14

A Hanna-Barbera comic cavalade type comic with assortments of stories and adventures from Hanna-Barbera liscenced properties gives us a real gem in this adventure of Inch High Private Eye. His neice Lori is kidnapped to lure the tinty detective into a trap. He runs to her as she calls out only to question how she […]

The 6th Gun #01-02

It’s a bad day for Becky. A bunch of rogues bust into her home kill her preacher father and whisk her away. She awakes tied to a chair and being menaced by a crazy undead lady in a dress saying how her husband will be by to torture her to death. And she has no […]

Adventures of Superman #552

In this Adventures of Superman a Lex Corp Scientist gets nabbed by some mobsters for her knowledge on some project they want. Well Luthor doesn’t take kind to that kind of treatement of his employees so he promptly comes to the rescue. Yeah… Luthor saves her. Totally weird huh?

Doom War #02

Doom has taken over Wakanda and is holding the royal family hostage. But T’challa, his sister Shuri (Black Panther) and the X-men are launching a full scale assault to end the short lived Tyranny. T’challa finds Doom at the Vibranium vaults using Storm as a hostage bound and gagged by srap matal and tells T’challa […]