Green Arrow (2016) #4-5

Dinah is on a mission to find out who killed Oliver Queen by stowing away on a ship. Sadly she’s discovered and attacked, knocked out by a tranq-arrow after being told Ollie is alive. But she’ll be used as bait. She’s later scene bound and gagged and under the threat of being burned by lye […]

Joker #4

In his short lived solo comic series the Joker has come to Star City and for no discernatble reason decides to kidnap local florist Dinah Lance. Why? I have no idea. He just thinks she’s super hot apparently. Well sadly for Joker he has no idea he actually just kidnapped the Black Canary and Green […]

JLA Incarnations #03

In this short mini series we see different incarnations of the JLA (get it?) and in this issue Kobra has hatched a plan to take out the JLA watchtower. They attack it with cloaked ships and disable the transporters. So the only hero aboard on monitor duty is Dinah herself. The fighting bird does her […]

Green Arrow/ Green Lantern #94-95

Dinah gets kidnapped by a bunch of EVIL BIG BIZ’NESS dudes in order to make Green Arrow do what they say. So they rig BC up in a big ol’ grinding gear death trap. After some futile attempts to get her free (the business guys oddly just… letting him try) he shrugs it off and […]

Black Canary DC Archives

These 2 scenes come from the Black Canary DC archives. I forget the actual issues they come from so we’ll just leave it at that for now. Technically this is Dinah’s mother but it’s still Black Canary so it counts! The first is from Johnny Thunder issue and the other is the cover for Tune […]

All Star Comics #41

Back to Dinah’s dear mother back when she was a member of the JSA. BC finds herself alone in the JSA compound when she is confronted by the Harlequin! Before she can explain both girls are frozen and whisked away by Icicle only to be strapped to a device that will make them slaves of […]

Adventure Comics #418 – 419

In this adventure Dinah is hired to teach Judo to the “Women’s Resistance League” but when she discovers they intend to use it to free a convicted criminal she takes action! Only to be KO’d by Bertha and her gang! She gets tied up and tossed in the back of their van to be disposed […]

Detective Comics #564 – 565

This scene doesn’t have too many great visuals, but I thought it was worthy of going up here for the reason that this is the ONLY DiD scene that I have ever witnessed of Dinah in that horrific outfit. For some reason… when she’s bound hand and foot… it doesn’t look as bad. Maybe they […]

Justice League of America #218

Dinah gets KO’d by a booby trapped robot only to be carted off to the lab of the grotesque and quite insane Professor. Ivo. Though the creator of AMAZO seems to be polite towards our pretty bird he doesn’t skip on security and even apologizes for having to gag her to prevent her Canary Cry.! […]

Worlds Finest #248 – 249

In this two part adventure Black Canary comes across the new villain Hellgrammite. And quite frankly this guy just has Dinah’s number. Yup no matter how much Karate and Judo she uses she just can’t seem to stay out of this buggy villains sticky cocoons! Held as a hostage for her emerald lover Green Arrow […]