Betty Wu

Designed by Cao Cao NEW Betty is a high ranking officer and daughter of the Master General of her home nation, Xing. Her feats of heroism and patriotic love have earned her the title “The Daugher of Xing.” This reputation has earned much fear from Xing’s rival nations. Constantly in terms of war and tension […]


Designed by Rid! Professional and skilled, she has been hired for corporate espionage and thieving in the past. While she keeps a serious exterior when dealing with business, in her personal life she can be childish and spoiled. More than once she has crossed paths with Oreo, who she admires, both as a partner a […]

Robin Sawyer

Robin is a smart inquisitive young girl who has and an affinity for black and pink and the basic Nancy Drew Syndrome… with a supernatural twist. She loves to investigate a good mystery about ghosts and extraordinary topics, some fake and some… not so fake. All of which however seem to place her perpetual captivity, […]

Veronica Cambridge

Veronica is an explorer born, constantly in the depths of archiological digs and historic finds. A brilliant historian/anthropologist and in top physical shape, Veronica has attained a vast fortune as well as contributed countless artifacts and knowledge to the study of past civilization. However in her dealings she has come across more than one sinister […]

Racheal Miers

Designed by Karyu At 17 years old Rach is an inquisitive type gal training in martial arts but only has a passive ability, tends to think she’s better than she actually is and therefore gets into a lot of scrapes from bullies to criminals. Her investigative nature makes her a bit of a snoop and […]

Pussy Whipped

Designed by Gambit Pussy Whipped is a skilled cat burglar and well known for her skill, a real thrill seeker who loves the “cat and mouse” game. To her nothing is better than the thrill of the chase. But being a master thief can bring you many enemies and eventually even the most skilled thief […]


Designed by Gambit Oreo is a hired gun. She takes out any target that she is assigned to. She was hired to take out a section of thugs under a crime bosses ring. All were killed except one. He sought out revenge and hired Gambit to bring her in. She really got at the top […]


Kumi stems from a long line of Samurai warriors. Her skills have made her quite legendary in the neighboring villages in rural Japan. Her skill is precise and deadly. However she has lived a life of peace. Peace, however, may not last. The rival clans of the villages have begun an old long dead war […]

Emiko Hanumori

Designed by Karyu Wild and impulsive, Emiko lives to try and be the best space cop she can be. Always willing to take any case without looking it over she will gladly take on any criminal or any situation. Her skill with hand to hand combat and general combat though isn’t exactly brilliant so she […]


Demonica is a true creature of the night. Born a vampire into a royal sect of undead heritage she is a well known figure of her ilk. Her fame makes her a prone target of many of the rival Vampire sects. Taped up with some crates – by Suicide Tied to the cross – by […]