Princess Jasmine

Getting Comfy A disney princess in a nice comfy bed. Certainly nothing sinister here. Other than the fact that she’s bound and gagged by an evil sorcerer! Here is the long delayed Princess Jasmine Donation Art that one a poll from about 3 years ago! Thanks and enjoy! Thank you for your support! A $2.00 or more Donation […]

Kim Possible

Going for a Swim Kim’s been captured by Shego and trussed up tight! Drakken decides to watch from a monitor as Shego puts Kim in a precarious spot just above a live shark tank! Is this the end of our plucky teen heroine? Probably not but you can see this picture yourself with a $2.00 […]

Black Cat

Hanging Around Spiderman’s sometime companion and all around Cat Burgler, The Black Cat, finds herself hanging out in the high rises of the city in a very precarious situation. Will Spidey make it to her in time or is this going to be another fun night for the Green Goblin to gloat over? Thank you […]


Scare Tactics Looks like Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) stumbled into a feindish plot to inject Gotham City with a healthy dose of fear gas. She should certainly know just how bad that is considering she’s only now discoverying this trussed up and tape gagged and about to get a big gas mask full of the Scarecrow’s […]

Sakura Haruno

Ninja Trickery! New donation image! Seems Sakura Haruno got into some trouble at the request of all you loyal voters! Karin has escaped her interrogation facility and via some ninja trickery has put Sakura in her palce. Before going, Karin decides she needs to refuel her Chakra, prompting her to expose a bit of Sakura […]

Daphne Blake

The Real Scooby Snack New donation image! This time around I got some help from my buddy Cao Cao and we did a collaborative peice of Scooby Doo’s Daphne Blake! Stipped to her skivvies and gagged with her own scarf, she sits by while you gawk at her wih hungry eyes. That is… with a […]

Fujiko Mine

Caught by Slavers In this month a new donation image features Fujiko Mine bound  and gagged quite securely and caged by a bunch of slavers! They seem to have bad intentions for out big busted thieving vixen as they don’t cator to spies too well! Check it out with a minimum $2.00 donation! Click below! Thank you […]

April O’Niel

Going Out with a Bang? The lovely yellow jumpsuited April O’Niel bound and gagged and left to a horrifying fate! If you would like to have a full high quality size of whats vaguely depicted here on this thumbnail please donate at least $2.00 to the site via the donation button below! Thank you for your support! A $2.00 or […]