Here is a showcase of DiD based artwork! These unique sections celebrate original characters and fanart all dedicated to DiD situations and bondage.

Latest Target

Miracle Psychicer Seizan OVA 04

In the fourth OVA of this sci-fi post-apocalypse style anime the main girl, Mayumi, gets kidnapped by a group of mutants in some old city ruins. She spends her time, bound hand and foot and her mouth gagged with a big cloth. She spends a little time struggling in her bonds before the hero tracks […]


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Latest Donation Art

Princess Jasmine

Getting Comfy A disney princess in a nice comfy bed. Certainly nothing sinister here. Other than the fact that she’s bound and gagged by an evil sorcerer! Here is the long delayed Princess Jasmine Donation Art that one a poll from about 3 years ago! Thanks and enjoy! Thank you for your support! A $2.00 or more Donation […]


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