Miracle Psychicer Seizan OVA 04

In the fourth OVA of this sci-fi post-apocalypse style anime the main girl, Mayumi, gets kidnapped by a group of mutants in some old city ruins. She spends her time, bound hand and foot and her mouth gagged with a big cloth. She spends a little time struggling in her bonds before the hero tracks her down and sneakily frees her.

Thanks to scarface over on the Western Civ Board for finding this scene!

We Bare Bears Ep 3×23

Yana, a barista from a previous episode is kidnapped by the son of a Tech CEO so he can get his hands on Ice Bear’s Super-Modded Roomba. Ice Bear heads to the tech company seeing Yana tied to a chair and gagged to keep her from warning him of the trap that’s been set. She’s un-gagged but has her hands tied for a while even while fighting the bad guys. A great little scene in my opinion and not exactly from a source I’d imagine.

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Hawkeye (2016) #01-04

Kate Bishop opens up a private eye business and her first customer is a college girl named Mikka. She’s being stalked by someone and when Hawkeye thinks she’s got it all figured out Mikka is abducted in a van. After some detective work Kate tacks down the cult and finds Mikka bound and gagged in a ritual circle. She too gets bound up to a chair next to her but she’s able to antagonize a guard and break them both free.

Mysticons – Ep 01

So this new Nickelodeon adventure series debuted and stars 4 girls chosen to be magical champions of a metropolis style city. It’s sort of has a modern day setting but if it were inhabited by DnD races like dwarfs, elves and fairies. Zaria and her friend Piper get snagged by a sorceress who briefly gags Zaria with her shadow magic. They later end up in the same predicament when they deliver the item they were forced to steal.

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Planet Terry #12

In Planet Terry #12 The Hood takes Terry’s mother hostage in exchange for the crews ship. She spends a few pages bound and gagged and at gun point as she’s taken aboard the ship to keep Terry from following him. Thanks to patrickxtrem for the scene!

Wolfcop #1

From the first issue of this horror action comic Wolfcop has two damsels tied gagged and being kidnapped by a biker gang. They’re bound hands in front and cleave gagged as the chase scene ensues before they’re released.

Thanks to patrickxtrem for this scene!

Superhero Girls – Hero of the Year Special

In this DC Super Hero Girls special Eclipso reigns darkness over the school and traps Wonder Woman and Supergirl in some shadowy tendrils. Supergirl destroys her staff with her heat vision. But after confronting her on the moon gets wrapped up again. She is then saved by Wonder Woman shortly after.

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Green Arrow (2016) #4-5

Dinah is on a mission to find out who killed Oliver Queen by stowing away on a ship. Sadly she’s discovered and attacked, knocked out by a tranq-arrow after being told Ollie is alive. But she’ll be used as bait. She’s later scene bound and gagged and under the threat of being burned by lye and chemicals unless Oliver surrenders to them. In issue 5 Dinah is kept gagged and strapped to an up-right table and threatened with torture until an unlikely ally in her very captor sets her free.

“She’s gagged right now but your pretty bird will never sing again if you don’t return the laptop.” – Emiko

Issue #04

Issue #05